Clients Include:
What I Do.
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  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • High Concept Idea Development
  • Big Picture Focus
Public Relations
  • Communication Strategies
  • Social Media Networking
  • Press Release Creation
  • Media Advisories & Alerts
  • Press Event Management
  • Digital Press Kit Writing
  • Photo Shoot Direction
  • Blog Writing
  • Starting on the Right Foot; the Secret to Corporate Synergy Success
  • Internal Communications Network Formulation
  • Building an Internal Cross Divisional Team
  • Creating Communication Methodologies
  • Generating Motivational Support
  • Breaking Down Barriers to Success
  • Give Not Take Psychology
  • Strengthening Internal Trust
  • Creating a Synergy Intranet
  • How to Focus on the Priorities
  • Teaching How Everybody Wins
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